The need of higher management degrees in energy sector

//The need of higher management degrees in energy sector

The need of higher management degrees in energy sector

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According to BP Energy Outlook, energy consumption in India which is one of the fastest growing economies across the world is projected to grow the fastest among all major world economies by 2040. Since 2000 to now itself, energy consumption has almost doubled. Given the rise in income levels, the need for industrial expansion and other energy generation determining factors, this statistic in on the rise. In the midst of this power move escalating to new heights, India needs energy-efficient strategies for producing, managing and sustaining energy. To design and implement these strategies, the country requires young minds, who are willing to be the changemakers and ready to complement thoughts with real action. A management course trains and prepares individuals to understand the needs and tackle the challenges of managing energy and power domains in India. Let’s truly understand why a more in-depth understanding through a PGDM course or any other competent course will make a difference in the overall management of one of the leading industries in India:

  1. Given the rapid changes in the energy sector of India due to the regulatory reforms, innovative initiatives and industrial boom, the new generation of energy leaders need to be equipped with the right knowledge and managerial skills to meet with the challenges. To inspire the courage to involve the best practices and innovations in the upcoming overseers of the power and energy industry, they first need to be trained in the functional areas of management along with necessary exposure.
  2. Next to consider is the drying and evolving energy resources that are ultimately building power for the country. Coal, which generates about 62% power in India will probably not survive another 150 years. The situation is not all out of control given that India is learning to bank upon the renewable sources of energy. Where Karnataka, Maharashtra and Diu are currently leading by example, there is much scope of learning and implementation for the rest of India.
  3. Besides the sense of responsibility that an energy management course instills, it is highly beneficial as a career move for an individual who is a visionary and believes in being a leader. The management skills and experience gained along with the boost in strategic thinking, decision-making capabilities, good judgment power, and outlook make you a better candidate for any advanced career opportunities in the energy business. The energy industry will only benefit from the consulting, researching and analyzing activities. On an individual level, there is scope to grab job opportunities with exciting salary packages. One can become an Energy Auditor, Energy Manager, Technical Consultants, Pricing Analyst, Senior Process Engineer and more.

Investing in human capital for a sustainable tomorrow is NTPC Ltd., India’s largest energy conglomerate through the NTPC School of Business (NSB), a management institute that functions under the aegis of NTPC Education and Research Society (NEARS). Under the mentorship of IIM-A, NSB started its two-year, full-time residential PGDM program in Energy Management in 2018 to nurture the next-generation leaders. Not only is the course designed by IIM-A, but students at NSB have the privilege of receiving academic and industry exposure from the faculty members of this prestigious institute. The course pedagogy takes on an innovative twist with a blend of lectures, seminars, discussions, group exercises, case-studies, and practical insights through internship and field visits. Along with these, this experience is enhanced by beyond-the-classroom discussions and peer group learning opportunities that ultimately promote critical analysis and application of skills to real business situations. Besides the rich course content, the institute has an excellent record of industry tie-ups leading to placements at India’s leading power & oil companies. The rigorous selection process driven by IIMA for admissions is based on CAT/XAT/GMAT scores. As the first batch of 37 students is currently continuing their second year, the institute is now ready to brighten up the lives of new candidates with the knowledge and expertise from the energy sector.

-Anoop, Faculty member

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