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//PGDM (E) Course Content
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The programme comprises Core and Elective Courses. The programme structure has been divided into seven slots and each slot is of six weeks.

Slot Core Courses Credit
Slot 1 Financial Reporting and Analysis 0.75
Analysis of Data 0.75
Micro Economics 0.75
Organization Behaviour 0.75
Designing Operations to meet demand 0.75
Slot 2 Strategic Management 1
Corporate Finance 1
Marketing Management 1
Macro Economics 0.75
Slot 3 Delivering and Managing Customer Value 1
Strategic Human Resource Management 0.75
Management Commitment 1
Strategic Cost Management 1
Slot 4 Energy Sector 0.75
Corporate Governance 0.75
Quality Management 0.75
Managing Negotiation 0.75
Managing Information System 0.75


Electives courses will be offered in the slot 5, slot 6 and slot7 based on the interest and area of specialization of the students and faculties.

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