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Regular Faculty Members

Dr. Alka Rai

Dr. Alka Rai is a faculty of Human Resource Management at NTPC School of Business. Her area of interest are employee engagement, training and development.

You can reach her at alka.rai@nsbnoida.in


Prof. Anoop kumar
Prof. Anoop Kumar is a faculty member in Behaviour Based Safety and Human Resources Management. He has more than 18 years of  experience in Industry and academics. He is B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), MBA(HR) and currently pursuing his PhD in HR area.

You can reach him at  anoop.kumar@nsbnoida.in


Dr. Ashis Chatterjee

Dr. Ashis Chatterjee is a faculty of Social Sciences at NTPC School of Business. He has done his Phd in Social Sciences from IIT K. He has undertaken many projects in Corporate Social Responsibility ,Gender and Supply Chain Management. He has been working with NTPC since 1996.

You can reach him at ashish.chatterjee@nsbnoida.in


Dr. Atul Prasad  

Dr. Atul Prasad is a faculty of  Finance at NTPC School  of Business. Dr. Atul Prasad has done  B.SC and Phd. He has been with NTPC since 2011.


Dr. Atul Agrawal

Dr. Atul Agrawal is a faculty member at NTPC School of Business. His area of interest are Energy Management, Regulatory Framework of Energy Sector, Sustainable Development, Qualitative Research Design & Methodology.

You can reach him at atul.agrawal@nsbnoida.in


Dr. Gireesh Chandra Tripathi

Dr. Gireesh Chandra Tripathi is a faculty of Finance at NTPC School of Business since 2014. He has done M.Tech in Building Science and Construction Management and Phd. in Management Studies from IIT- Delhi. His area of researches are Indian Shipping Industry, Prepayment Risk Modeling for Residential Mortgage backed securities etc.

You can reach him at gireesh.tripathi@nsbnoida.in


Dr. K.V. Vidyanandan
Dr. K .V. Vidyanandan is an Energy Management Professor at NTPC School of Business. He is with NTPC School of Business since 2008. He has done M.Tech in Power Generation Technology from IIT- Delhi and Phd in Electrical Engineering. His researches are in Grid Integration of Renewables, Load frequency Controls etc.


Prof. Kasa Venkateswara Prasad

Prof. Kasa Venkateswara Prasad is a faculty of Information Technology & Management at NTPC School of Business . He has done  B .Tech. He has been working  with NTPC since 2010.


Dr. Mahesh Bhave

Dr. Mahesh Bhave is a faculty member at NTPC School of Business. His area of interest are Microgrids, Energy Storage, Industry Structure Change, Clashing of Industries, Entrepreneurial Entry into Energy, Solar photovoltaics plus batteries for cooking, EVs – cars, ebikes, escooters, emotorcycles, Charging infrastructure, Energy policy, Coal industry in the age of emissions,  Solar applications and their scaling.

You can reach him at mahesh.bhave@nsbnoida.in


Dr. Pradip Chanda

Dr. Pradip Chanda is a faculty member at NTPC School of Business. His area of interest are renewable energy, heat and mass transfer and power electronics.

You can reach him at pradeep.chanda@nsbnoida.in


Dr. Ranjana Mittal

Dr. Ranjana Mittal is a faculty of Human Resource Management at NTPC  School of Business. She has done her  B.Sc and Phd in HR and OB. She has been working with NTPC since 2004.


Dr. Ravi Kumar

Dr. Ravi Kumar is a faculty at NTPC School of Business. His area of interest are Mathematical modelling of complex real life problems in manufacturing sector, developing solution methodologies to NP-hard problems and developing methodologies to reach at consensus ranking.

You can reach him at ravi.kumar@nsbnoida.in


Dr. Reshmi Manna

Dr. Reshmi Manna is a faculty at NTPC School of Business. Her area of interest are behavioural science and human resource analysis.

You can reach her at reshmi.manna@nsbnoida.in


Dr. R Gopichandran

Dr. R. Gopichandran is a faculty member at the NTPC School of Business. He has significant experience on aspects of compliance relating to multilateral and  environmental agreements and national regimes. He will therefore deal with principles and practice of environmental governance and Industry – led sustainability . He holds two doctoral degrees relating respectively to microbial and chemical ecology with applied habitat ecology thrusts and a degree in law. His areas of special interest are preventive environmental management, MEAs and science and technology communication.

He can be reached through gopichandran@nsbnoida.in


Dr.Vishal Singh Patyal

Dr. Vishal Singh Patyal is a faculty member at the NTPC School of Business. His area of interest are Operations Management, Operations Research, Quality Management, Quantitative Techniques, Business Statistics, Quality Management, Organizational Culture, Supply Chain Management, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Statistical Modeling.

He can be reached through vishal.patyal@nsbnoida.in



Visiting Faculty Members

Prof. Ajay PandeyProf. Ajay Pandey

Prof. Ajay Pandey is a faculty at IIM –Ahmedabad since April 2001. Prof. Pandey is an Engineer from IIT –Roorkee and Fellow of IIM- Ahmedabad. He is professor of Project Financing at NSB.


Prof. Sunil Maheswari

Prof. Sunil Maheshwari is Leadership Professor at NSB. He is a Civil Engineer from IIT – Delhi and fellow from IIM- A. Prof. Maheshwari is with IIM-A since 2000.


Prof. Sanjay Verma

Prof. Sanjay Verma is professor of  Business Analytics For Energy Sector at NSB. He is with IIM – Ahmedabad since 1999. He has done MBA in Marketing from Ajmer, Rajasthan and Fellowship from IIM- Kolkata.

You can reach him at sanjay.verma@nsbnoida.in


Prof. Arnab Laha

Prof. Arnab Laha is a professor of  Business Analytics for Energy Sector at NSB. He is with IIM – Ahmedabad since 2004. He has done MBA  from from Indira Gandhi National Open University and Phd from Indian Statistical Institute.


Prof. J K Mitra

He is retired Professor of Organization Behavior & Strategic Management at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. His goal is to reconstruct Management Education policies and practices and his specialties are OD Consulting, Team Building Interventions, Pedagogical Innovations, Strategic Reconfiguration of Organization.


Prof. P K Jain

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Corporate Finance

Prof. A K Ahuja

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution


Prof. S K Soonee

He is an adviser at POSOCO, India. He is fostering the growth of Power System Operation faculty and building sustainable Institutional mechanism to support the rapidly developing Indian Power sector. His specialties are Power System Operation, Power Market Design and Operation, Regulatory affairs and Entire Gamut of Large Power Pools. He has keen interest in C2, C5 and D2 committees of CIGRE, IEEE PES, TSO comparison.


Prof.  S N Saxena

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Renewable Energy

You can reach him at snsaxena@nsbnoida.in



Prof. Amit Karna

He is Management Researcher and Teacher in area of Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Prof. Sagar Agravat

Head – RE4 R&D (Renewable Energy, Environment and Energy Efficiency R&D) at GERMI (Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute).



Prof. Akhileshwar Pathak

Akhileshwar Pathak is a professor in the Business Law area at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. His areas of research interest are corporate law, globalisation and liberalisation of India.

Adjunct Faculty Members

Mr. Seethapathy Chander

He has over 37 years of professional experience, 15 years at NTPC, India and over 22 years at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Philippines. He has been an Independent
Director at NTPC Limited since June 22, 2016.  Joining a fledgling NTPC in 1977 as one of its first batch of 35 engineering executive trainees, he served at its Corporate Planning, Power Systems Design and Northern Regional Transmission Construction divisions. He is a Power Systems Engineer with B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from the IIT (Delhi) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from IGNOU.


Mr. N N Mishra
He is the Ex Director (Operations) of NTPC who has a vast experience in his field and was
responsible for the Operation activities of the entire NTPC Projects. He joined NTPC in 1977 as Executive Trainee in the Electrical Department of NTPC looking after the various functions of Electrical Design, Project Engineering etc. He also worked as Executive Director, Northern Capital Region, Executive Director (CC&M), Executive Director (HR) and Executive Director(OS). He did Electrical Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Rourkela in the year 1977.


Mr. Shashi Ratnaker Singh
He is positioned as Research Fellow at Department of Geography, Cambridge, U.K. and is a
fellow of Dr Manmohan Singh at St John College. He is affiliated with UK-India Education and Research Initiative as Visiting Fellow on India’s Political Economy at King’s College, London.In India, he is affiliated with Centre for Public Policy, at Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai. He is a Human Geographer with inter-disciplinary academic training in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Law, Development Studies and Human Geography. He has published many research papers.


Mr. Sakaram Soumayaji
Prof. S. Soumayaji has published various papers in the area of Sociology of Displacement, Policies and Practices, Environment, development and social change in Himalayan region, Development-induced displacement, rehabilitation and resettlement in India.
His areas of interest include rural and community development, social development, leadership, training and capacity building, women empowerment, cooperatives, social science research methodology, environment and sustainable development, displacement resettlement and rehabilitation issues. Extensively worked over twenty four years in the hinter lands of major states of India. Resource person to the UGC Academic Staff College JNU, New Delhi, Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradhun, and TERI University New Delhi.


Mr. Narendra Taneja
Mr. Narendra Taneja is Co-Chairman of the Hydrocarbons Committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). He is India’s leading expert, thinker and television commentator on energy issues and developments. He has authored thousands of articles and commentaries on energy policy, business, diplomacy, geopolitics, security and energy poverty and empowerment. He has also authored two books and edited several publications. He is also a well-known international speaker on energy issues. He is regularly invited to speak by universities, think-tanks, conferences, governments and companies from all parts of the world. He is the President of the World Energy Policy Summit, Convener of the World Oil and Gas Assembly and a Member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Electricity. He read economics, business, commerce, policy, leadership, diplomacy and international affairs at St John’s College in India and at the University of Oslo and the University of Oxford in Europe.


Mr. Jeevan Prakash Mohanty
Vast experience in Rural Infrastructure Planning and Energy Access Projects in India. Leads the infrastructure-planning project for villages in Dholera Special Investment Region, Gujarat. Leads rural infrastructure planning projects in more than 6 states of India. Focussed on Small and Medium Enterprise Development in rural areas for providing clean energy access to rural poor. Worked in more than 10 states of India and lead the effort to disseminate clean energy technology to rural households using a social enterprise driven model.


Dr. Shailini Lal
An IIM-A alumni, she is the founder of Infinity OD, a boutique OD consulting firm specializing in Innovation and Organizational Change. She helps to develop Innovation as an organizational competence. Her expertise lies in the human processes behind the creation of new ideas, and then the development of an innovation engine that builds a culture of transformation.


Mr. Pranab Banerji
Area of Interest: Economics and Development Finance: Theories, Techniques and Applications.


Dr. Usha Chandar
Dr. Usha Chandar has evolved in the past three decades of her professional life and is a blend of the following: educationist, academician, research scholar, mentor, ICT expert, development professional. She pursued her twin passions of Distance Education and Development Communication both rapidly developing fields. Her mission in life is to contribute towards building India as a great nation in the 21st century through its cultured and skilled human resource. Dr. Usha Chandar has chosen the R & D approach having served as a focal person in developing models of people-oriented, technology facilitated education & training involving multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral, participatory teamwork.


Dr. Diwakar Sukul 

The founder and director of the KAMKUS Clinic (Pioneer in Multidimensional Healthcare) in London. He is an innovative and dedicated psychologist with a working experience of more than 27 years in the mental health field with adolescents and adults suffering from alcohol abuse. He has received international recognition for his tremendous work in the area of emotional health. He has published more than fifty articles and papers on emotional health and wellness and also authored Books on Mind Body Harmonics. He completed his PhD in Psychology from JMI,New Delhi.


Dr. Murali Janakaraj

He is working as Executive director at Inno Tek Solutions DWC-LLC at UAE. He has a working experience of more than 25 years. He has done his Phd in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and a Diploma in Environmental Education Processes in Formal Education. He has published many research papers in the field of biomass and authored books and articles related to environment. He has also got many international fellowships.


Dr. Mohanlal Aggarwal

He is the Professor and Director of Business management at MENA College of Management, Dubai. He has done M.Phil in Marketing from UK and a  PhD in Human Resource Management from Kurukshetra University. He is the recipient of many global awards for his academic contributions and has achieved many renowned fellowships. He has published many research papers and has a wide experience in teaching. He has done immense work in the corporate training areas.

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